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Sunday - closed
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Microbrews (Not all of our beers are available simultaneously)

Boars Tusk
A light ale meant to be refreshing. There should be a hoppy aroma imparted by hops from the Pacific Northwest. The beer is very light in color, and the content is kept low to keep from filling you up. (For the calorie conscious consumer – this beer is for you!)

Sweetwater Wheat
The warm weather of summer makes this beer a big hit. It is not as heavy as our other beers, nor is the hop flavor overpowering. This style of beer originated in Germany and contains nearly equal parts barley and wheat. A completely different strain of yeast is used to produce some of the esters that may taste like banana.

Wee Bastard
Like one of its’ Caledonian Brethren, Wee Bastard is a traditional Scottish Ale brewed to be rich, malty and smooth, with a touch of fruitiness. Don’t be fooled, this ale packs a “wee heavy” punch to lift yer kilt!

Red Desert Ale
A red colored ale that contains a complex malt bill. Pale malts give it a heavy body while special crystal malts from lands abroad give it color and sweetness. This ale has been dry hopped to enhance its’ floral aroma.

Mustang Pale Ale
Hang on Buckaroo!! This breed starts out malty sweet, then the hops cut loose and spur this sorrel beauty into a bitter ride. American hops give this beer its’ bittering and aroma profiles.


A Beer Named Bob (Our Summer Dark Beer)
We’re not sure when Bob rolled into town. He’s kind of gruff, sooty black…..smells a bit roasted like his appearance. He still has a sweet demeanor, but watch our – he packs a stout punch. To say the least, Bob has a very complex character.

Coal Porter (Our Winter Dark Beer)
A little less beer than “Bob”, this beer is not quite as dark. It has a slight roasted flavor from the “chocolate” malt. The hop flavor is clean. It is a good beer to turn you towards the dark side…..of beer.


      A full bodied amber that has bright, refreshing undertones.




       Coming from our test batch x, this beer is a light lager



        Guest Beer

        Old Faithful Ale




Test Batch X
Some of our favorite experiments that have been successful such as Road Kill Ale, our wonderful German Altbier. Check to see if we have something else brewing!