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Open: Monday - Saturday
11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sunday - closed
(307) 362-4782

Served with your choice of homemade fries, dinner salad, or a cup of soup
Substitute chicken or veggie burger for any hamburger below: $1 extra
Substitute buffalo burger (seasonal) for $2 extra



The Classic - One third pound lean beef with lettuce, tomato and onion with American, Swiss or chedder cheese Top'er off with bacon


The Big Kahuna - Two classic beef patties with bacon and cheese


Blue Moon - Grilled onions, provalone, and plenty of bleu cheese


Brew Burger - Piled high with pastrami, and your choice of cheese


Polynesian Paradise - Escape the ordinary! A burger topped with bacon, pineapple, jack cheese, and teriyaki sauce

Swiss 'n Mushroom
 - Grilled mushrooms and swiss make the a pub favorite


The Dude - Onion ring, bacon, swiss cheese, and ranch dressing spur this beauty along


California Cruisin' - Guacamole and jack cheese make this a smooth ride
Jalapeno Burger - Fried fresh jalapenos with chipotle mayo and jack cheese


Salsa Samba - Jack cheese and roasted green chili pepper spice it up
All Choked Up - Our fabulous artichoke dip makes this burger a hit


Bunkhouse Feast - Bacon, grilled onions, and cheddar cheese, rounded out with barbecue sauce


Cajun Creation - A burger grilled with Cajun spices; grilled onions and jack cheese added for adventure...topped off with pastrami


"Buffalo" Burger - This party in our mouth is bleu cheese & bacon smothered by spicy buffalo sauce


Crabby Concoction - Imagine crab, cream cheese, mushrooms, onions, and provalone cheese


Cowboy Joe "Let er Buck" - Pastrami, jalapeno poppers, bacon and onion ring topped off with jack and cheddar cheese


Breakfast Burger - Burger topped with ham, sausage, crisp bacon, fried eggs and finished off with American cheese
Kitchen Sink Burger -Onion ring, mushrooms, pepperoni, pastrami, bacon, cheese topped with barbeque sauce and all the fixins
Black n' Bleu Burger - Seasoned patty topped with grilled onions and bleu cheese


Skinny Burger - A traditional veggie burger with all the trimmings